About Us

Our mission

Sequoia Adult School Scholars (SASS) empowers low income adults, mostly immigrants working minimum wage jobs, by providing them with financial support, tutoring, and other assistance so they can continue their education, get higher paying jobs, and serve as role models and advocates for their children.

Our impact

The vast majority of SASS recipients remain trapped in minimum-wage service jobs. Their English is often limited and they have little chance for advancement. SASS affords these students an opportunity to gain economic mobility by giving them the financial assistance they need to attend community college and expand their career options. In 2010, SASS provided financial assistance to help two ESL students attend community college. In spring 2017, close to 200 SASS recipients were enrolled in community college classes, a clear indication of the unmet need SASS fills.

Program Highlights: 2016

  • We provided scholarships (books and transportation to college) to 250 students, up from 225 in 2015.
  • Four recipients received Associate degrees; one of these recipients transferred to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and one transferred to UC Davis.
  • Twenty-one recipients completed Canada’s rigorous ESL sequence or earned a state-certified vocational or other certificate.
  • More than 40 community volunteers tutored SASS recipients.
Sequoia Adult School Scholars, 3481 Janice Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303  |  (650) 395-8350