Our Programs

Community College Assistance

SASS provides college financial aid and other assistance to students who have passed the highest level English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) class taught at Sequoia District Adult School or have taken GED preparation classes at the Adult School and earned a GED. All aid is needs-based.

All SASS recipients meet community colleges’ low-income requirements for tuition waivers. The financial barrier they face is paying for books and transportation.

Here’s what SASS provides:

  • Textbooks, which can cost several hundred dollars a semester.
  • Bus passes (e.g. Clipper cards) for students who need to take the bus to college.
  • Parking passes for students who drive to college.
  • Tutoring by community volunteers who work one-on-one with students.
  • Laptops for outstanding students.

GED Test Fees

The GED (General Educational Development) test is an alternative to a high-school diploma. The GED program at Sequoia District Adult School gives students who didn’t complete high school a second chance to earn a diploma. SASS pays the $140 GED test fees for these students.

Sequoia Adult School Scholars, 3481 Janice Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303  |  (650) 395-8350