Alejandro Avendaño: Sampling for Success 2017 speaker

Alejandro recounted his ascendancy from being a high school dropout to pursuing a career as a police officer. 

Marta Marcos: Sampling for Success 2017 Speaker

Marta describes her escape from gangs in her native El Salvador and told of the day that English changed her life.

Silvia Gomez Featured at Sampling for Success, 2016

SASS recipient Silvia Gomez recounts how SASS’s support has enabled her to overcome seemingly insurmountable barriers.

Susan Russell Featured on Pen Voice

Board President Susan Russell and SASS recipient Lorenza Villanueva recently appeared on Pen Voice, a production of Peninsula TV that highlights community organization in San Mateo County.

SASS students talk about their aspirations

This two-minute video encapsulates whom SASS serves and how we serve them. The film was directed and produced by SASS supporter Beth Charlesworth.

Moises Bautista, the first SASS recipient to receive an associate degree

This speech was presented at SASS’s fifth anniversary celebration on May 2, 2015 by Moises Bautista, the first SASS recipient to receive an associate degree.

A Conversation with Jose Antonio Vargas

On April 7, 2013, Immigrant Rights Activist Jose Antonio Vargas spoke to an audience of more than 250 educators, students, and community members who had gathered at Sequoia High School in Redwood City. The event was a fund-raiser for Sequoia Adult School Scholars (SASS) and several SASS recipients spoke at the event. The conversation with Jose was moderated by SASS president Elizabeth Weal.

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